Love Garden from scratch

I have a circular love garden with a diameter of about 3.5 metres … just the right dimensions for a central sprinkler to water to the edges.

I fenced the perimeter with chicken wire, filled it with mulch and compost and let our three chickens loose! After a few weeks of daily scratching they had created a beautiful friable soil, ready for planting. The role of the fence changed overnight, from containing to excluding the chooks.

The idea of the love garden is to create your very own Zone Zero / Zone One space that is designed to meet your needs, so plant choices are peculiarly personal. Flowers feed my soul and I have placed a stone seat under an arch supporting David Austen roses and planted annual and perennial flowers galore … favourites like snapdragons and poppies, daisies and cornflowers. I also want to relax in this space, so have created an edge of lavender plants, the soothing oils of which are legendary. All my gardens incorporate food, and I have inter-planted with blueberries and rainbow chard. Impatiens is a feature, the essence of which aids impatience, and Gotu Kola for easing arthritis (two leaves a day keep old age away!). Angelica lives here too, as chewing its stem reduces flatulence! Judiciously selected crystals can be placed in this sacred space for scrying purposes. A lead crystal also hangs from the arch above, throwing rainbows when struck by the sun.

With little effort I have created a small space for meditation and reflection, and I can measure the state of my being by the state of this little healing garden. Ten minutes’ work a day will keep it free of weeds. Ten minutes’ meditation a day maintains eunoia. Periodically it will need more input – just as periodically a good yogic workout keeps the mind and body healthy and beautiful.


About l0vegarden

i am. i am woman. i am mother, daughter, sister, aunt, godmother, grandmother... i am friend. i am lover. i am matter. i am pattern. I am everything and nothing. i am.
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