The Healing Garden

Increasingly, I am feeling a distinct sense of urgency for change. Do you feel this too? CAN we evolve, do you think? Simply by choosing to? It will cost not less than everything. Letting go of our conditioned mind… and the pain and suffering therein. This week’s column offers a sanctuary for this dissolution to take place…  somewhere to become Whole again – the Healing Garden.

I have long fantasized about a garden of little retreats designed to heal certain ailments. Somewhere that balances, feng shui style, elements of colour, light, reflection, water, sound, space, scent, movement and stillness with rock and wood, crystal and wind; where healing plants are chosen and placed consciously. Say, for example, you are feeling insecure. Someone may have said or done something that has triggered pain. Instead of retiring to your bed to stew in self-pity and/or recrimination, you could go to that part of your healing garden where the stone seat is, perhaps under a flowering jasmine arbour. Pennyroyal and other mints are planted at your feet, and release their protective scents as you arrive, barefoot, to absorb their gifts. Here you will find lovely Amethyst and Rose Quartz crystals to contemplate. You might have a red rose, or a red grevillea or hibiscus planted nearby to rest your mind upon. The colour red can restore confidence, after all. Or you may need calming… you could go to that section of your garden where the wooden seat resides, alongside the waterlily pond. Here the flowers are in the blue range… native violets, petunias, irises, evolvulus, salvias, perhaps a climbing blue moon rose. Lavender, certainly – pick a little, or brush it to release its soothing scent… Observing, and being in Nature is such a powerful healer, and every creature in the garden (spider, frog, butterfly) has some insight to share.  Let your heart join with birdsong. Stay happy.


About l0vegarden

i am. i am woman. i am mother, daughter, sister, aunt, godmother, grandmother... i am friend. i am lover. i am matter. i am pattern. I am everything and nothing. i am.
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