The orgiastic frenzy in your garden

The bees are busy in the garden, burrowing deep into the flowers, wriggling their bottoms and filling their little pollen baskets to the brim, reminding us that gardening is truly sexy. Oh yes, my friends, while we are innocently enjoying the different colours, shapes and scents of our plants, our gardens are in an “orgiastic frenzy” … the plants and pollinators involved in “a voluptuous and lascivious display of gluttony and fornication,” as Angela Overy describes in her delicious book, “Sex in your Garden.” Flowers are the sex organs of the plant and they’ll use ANYTHING – bribery, treachery, traps – to court pollinators who will probe and poke and guarantee the production of seed. With all this probing, poking, burrowing, licking, sucking and fertilising going on out there it’s little wonder that “the birds and the bees” has become a popular euphemism for SEX! Of course some just can’t be bothered with all that, so hand it over to chance by simply exposing their sexual glands to the wind… bor-ing!


About l0vegarden

i am. i am woman. i am mother, daughter, sister, aunt, godmother, grandmother... i am friend. i am lover. i am matter. i am pattern. I am everything and nothing. i am.
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